love is vintage jewellery

Tell us a little about yourself and how you began making jewellery:

Originally from Melbourne, I trained in the food industry, developing recipes, preparing food for magazine shoots and finally in my own gourmet food shop.

Once my children were born I became a stay at home mum, part time worker and developed a love for craft! I began doing cross stitch, which was great, as I could sit while my kids napped and do a few stitches, without having to set up a big production and then pack it all up half an hour later!!

As they grew and moved into school I had more spare time, and with that moved onto mosaics. I’ve continued dabbling on and off over the years, and still have a number of projects in my head I’m yet to complete. Time and space have been the barriers.

Moving to the Gold Coast meant a life change for us all,( we’ve lived here 14 years now), and some five years ago we began our own manchester and linen business. My love for creativity turned to merchandising the store – great cushion display- and putting together a well coordinated range when ordering stock This together with my ‘family comes first values’- meant there was no time left for anything else!!

About two years ago ill health forced me to stop and rest, my creative self resurfaced, and so began my passion with jewellery design and making.

Here was a medium I could work on anywhere, did not take up a lot of space ( although this has gradually increased over the years), and I could fully express myself in a way that truly reflected who I am! It was soothing therapy for me initially, however my love affair has continued to grow.

Is this how you came up with the name Love is…. ?

Yes, it’s about being truly happy in life, and to do this we must follow our dreams and passions. For me love is designing and creating jewellery, for someone else it’s something different. We can spend as much or as little time as our busy lives allow, however it is most important to make some time for this to happen!!

What inspires you in your designs?

This is my philosophy and the basis for my creativity:

“ A jewellery collection created to nurture the soul and bring joy to your heart”

I then combine a passion for romantic style and a love of vintage gardens to create a collection of soft feminine designs.

I like to create one-of-a-kind pieces, and make sure to add a little of my own quirkiness to each design.

Do you prefer working with a certain type of medium?

I feel most inspired working with softer shades of colour – in glass, pearl, lampwork and crystal beads, and using antique gold and silver plated medium. These combine beautifully and allow me to keep my prices affordable – a very important criteria for my work. My vintage collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings brooches and earrings.

Do you have a signature style/design in your work?

My favourite work, and what I term my ‘signature design’, is my woven ribbon bracelet. I hunt around in old haberdashery shops, card shops and fabric stores collecting unusual pieces of ribbon and then design a bracelet around each piece. I may add simple additions such as tiny ribbon flowers, vintage buttons or charms, or something more bold like a vintage focal piece – it all depends on the ribbon I’m using!!

What does the future hold for Love is…???

Currently I am working on a new collection initiated for some friends who love sterling silver. I call it my ‘Paris Collection’.

I am following my love for Paris – its elegant and stylish lines, and my favourite actress – Audrey Hepburn, as inspiration. It’s a range of simple elegance, with of course a hint of vintage! I’m working with sterling silver, pearls, crystal and semi precious beads creating a collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

I would also like to work more with metals to create my own cuffs and filigrees, and do a course in lampwork to create my own vintage style beads. Phew!!- can we add a few more hours to each day please??

My immediate business plan is to have my web site up and running asap to showcase more of my work to a wider range of people.

Any final thoughts??

I hope Love is.. – my passion in life, inspires others to follow their life’s dream!!
It’s never too late!!
Love is….

Libby Lucas
Ph: 0411 297 530