Hand made in Australia using the finest ingredients.

Cathedral range beauty productsWhat makes these products so unique?

To understand this question is to understand our philosophy. We started our business by wanting a genuinely healthy product for our family and friends.

Because many have loved our products, we have now progressed to the wider community. Our desire and commitment is to give to people a good wholesome, quality, healthy product that genuinely nourishes and protects the skin (being the largest organ of our body). In doing so we wish to serve by supplying our customers with a quality, natural handmade product without excessive mark-ups or overpricing.

People today desire a healthier lifestyle and are becoming aware of the vast amount of chemicals that have a dramatic effect on their lives and bodies.

Many do not know of the amount of toxins that can enter the body through your skin, daily exposure to toxic ingredients found in modern beauty products such as cosmetics, lotions and shampoo. A woman who uses make-up on a daily basis can absorb almost 2.3kg of chemicals into her body each year. (This statistic can be sourced on Dr Mercola’s website).

What ingredients do we use in our products?

We use a lot of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cacao butter, Blackcurrant and Pumpkin Seed Oil, a large range of botanical extracts, olive derived emulsifiers and as a preservative, extracts from vanilla and almonds. Just to name a few of the ingredients we use.

We have our own recipes, which is constantly being refined to produce the highest quality product.

What products are in our range?

23 Different type of Soaps, Natural Liquid Hand Soap and Shampoo, Skin Care for Young, Old and Troubled Skin, Healing Balms and Creams, Body Butter and Lip Balms.

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