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Gillian Mary Cards and Prints

tell us about your background

I have worked as an illustrator for the past thirty years with a few breaks for having children, working as a stained glass window painter, studying painting at RMIT and starting my business

tell us about what you create

I make greeting cards and prints using my illustrations which are painted in the traditional way with brushes, paints, pencils and inks

what is your inspiration/influences?

There are so many amazing and beautiful images in the world I guess I’m influenced by everything. Indian miniatures, 15th century Flemish paintings, Mexican folk art, Czechoslovakian children’s illustrations of the 1960’s to name a few and of course the natural world

what materials do you use?

I use gouache, liquid watercolour, pencils, oils and sometimes finish off paintings in photoshop.

tell us about your creative process?

I usually start with an image that has been percolating in my head, it often comes out when I am doodling and not really conscious of what I’m doing, then I’ll develop the idea, do some rough drawings then settle on something when I’m satisfied. Then the fun bit is painting the finished piece. Sometimes I get it right straight away and sometimes I’ll do two or three versions. I have unfinished paintings from years ago that I will go back to and change a bit then finish.

why did you choose in.cube8r?

In.cube8r is a good place to see which of my cards and prints will be most popular. My work is in a beautiful space surrounded by other peoples work so there is a lot of choice for customers. I think the concept of supporting artists as a successful business is brilliant.

where else can we find you?

I will be at the St Kilda market starting early next year (date to be announced) You can find out when I will be at the market and see new cards and prints on my facebook page Gillian Mary Cards and Prints

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