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peter and terry morris

We were born in Warrnambool, Victoria, the middle two of four siblings. Terry in 1950 and me in 1948. Three boys one girl. In pre tv days our favourite pastime was drawing. We loved to copy the comics, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and all the Disney characters. Terry and I have carried on with the art and developed our style and experimented with various mediums over the last 15 to 20 years.

For the two of us it has been a constant in our lives where other aspects have been in constant change physically and emotionally. Of the four of us, Terry and I were ones most affected by the family hereditary ailments, in my case copping a double whammy. We both have Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome, a neurological affliction which causes muscular dystrophy in legs, feet and hands, and me also with congenital hip displacia. We have battled against adversity all our lives, and still do.

Terry and I both had operations on our feet as teenagers giving us more mobility during
our working lives but they are now deteriorating. My story took a different path but we
have now come full circle.

All these issues meant having to give up the craft markets and when I spotted a sign about a new concept of art and craft retail called in.cube8r, on the door of an empty shop in Moorabool Street in September last year, I thought what a great idea, a perfect outlet and some exposure for our artwork.

I met Sharon while they were refurbishing the shop and with her help we set up our wall and have been there since day one. We draw portraits from people’s photographs and draw and paint work for sale, and the commissions are trickling in. It suits us perfectly because it is our public face. Customers can drop off photos at the shop and pick up their completed portraits. And the icing on the cake for us is that we aren’t charged commission, our only cost is our gallery space rental and Sharon does all the hard sales work for us, marvellous. And we aren’t the only local artists being nurtured by this concept, it gives us a lot of self-esteem and recognition for our talents that constantly gets overlooked by mainstream ‘conventional’ art galleries.

I guess the theme in both our lives is something we learned from our Mum that is to keep going no matter what, and never give up. Life has thrown a hell of a lot of pretty high hurdles at us, but if they are too high to jump over then we just crash through them. It’s like when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel then we bloody well light our own.

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  1. Vera Brady says:

    You guys are so brave and talented and such an inspiration to the rest of us. Your mum was a very wise lady. Never give up guys. We need more people like you around. Keep on keeping on.

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