The beautiful in.cube8r ladiesWOW, what a year!!

i think i’ll be starting a gratitude journal :) -thanks vicki. x

first off in 2010 vicki came along in january; before the franchises were even ready (!!!) and set up her wonderful in.cube8r in brisbane.

thank you to the people of brisbane for participating, spreading handmade love and supporting vicki!!!

thank you to the fellow businesses which also support handmade and for forming the indi collective and working together.

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in.cube8r welcomes in some new goodies… and there’s lots for the little ones…
there’s lots for everyone!!

in the quest to find balance and represent all things handmade,
we have closed off to almost all jewellery over the last 6 months… come and see!!
… and remember us for christmas,

we have over 4,000 handmade items covering all the glory ‘handmade’
has to offer!!
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