tell us about your background: Before starting my handmade jewellery business I was a primary school teacher. I have three beautiful girls all under 4 so life is very busy! I began Forget Me Knot Designs in 2015. I have always loved wearing unique pieces of jewellery. This inspired me to create my own range and experiment with different mediums including resin, polymer clay, silicone beads and fabric buttons. 

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Wendy Jorre de St Jorre 2

tell us about your background:
I have always enjoyed creating things, so in the 80s I completed diploma of fine arts, specialising in porcelain. However, life got in the way and I had very little time to pursue my art until recently. I started messing around with polymer clay around 3 years ago and became a little obsessed. I am predominantly self-taught, although initially I learnt much from watching tutorials from other artists.

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tell us about your background:
I’m a Liquorice bag of all sorts. My background includes careers such as, child care, integration aide, retail, animal research assistant, Gorman, and warehouse manager just to name a few. I have always loved colour and geometric shapes. I even had one teacher who told my parents that I shouldn’t waste my time with decorating my borders for assignments. But my parents, and family, have always been there. I have two cats,

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tell us about what you create

Rod and Jane love to fossick around charity shops, boot sales, anywhere and everywhere, purely for the joy of finding lost treasures! They simply could not resist rescuing orphaned china left to sit sadly on dusty shelves. Little piles of fine china saucers started to form teetering towers……what were they to do?

Was it possible they could be adored again?

Twiceloved China was born.

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tell us about your background

i am a full-time jewellery designer/maker and teacher. i run my home based studio in Horsham, Victoria.

i have always been creative but starting a family put everything on hold until 2007.- it was about then I met my teacher and mentor, Maggie Bergman. She introduced me to mixed media jewellery art and silver smithing. with her help i moved my work to a whole new level,

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tasmanian wood jewellery {geelong}
tell us about your background

Kenn has been a wood turner, self taught, for around 20 years, supplying a Salamanca Market stall & galleries in Richmond, also attending local markets.
Adrienne has been selling art & craftwork for around 30 years. She had always had an interest in making jewellery. An opportunity to learn beading arose 10 years ago, & she has been enjoying it ever since.

tell us about what you create

We create hand crafted unique jewellery made from beautiful Tasmanian wood.

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artist profile :: Miss Moi {fitzroy, geelong}
tell us about your background

i have always been creative, experimenting with anything i can get my hands on, i was making friendship bands at the age of 8….

tell us about what you create

i hand make jewellery on mother of pearl shell and wood using japanese papers and fabrics, my range includes necklaces, earrings, brooches & rings.

what made you start making your pieces?

i was into decoupage with frames and mirrors and boxes using paper and tons of varnish,

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What I do with my Mondays and Tuesdays when I’m not at the gallery.

Geelong is now 5 months young and having spent 6 days a week at the gallery, my fingers were screaming to do more creative work. I now have Sherree my retail assistant manning the gallery on Mondays and Tuesdays so that I can fully utilise the time to be more creative.

I decided to start sewing again and have had my sewing machine in storage for more than 10 years.

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skadi jewellery design
tell us about what you create

My jewellery is about achieving beauty through detail and the relationship of a piece to the body. I like to create pieces that are if not a part of the body then an extension of it, complementing the body’s lines and forms while also being comfortable and long wearing. At the same time I design my pieces to stand out (or what’s the point of wearing jewellery in the first place!).

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Ish Jewellery

tell us about your background

My creative background actually lies in performance. I had never imagined myself as a visual artist or crafter. Then some years ago a medical issue prevented me from being able to perform. I was desperately missing having a creative outlet. Then a couple of years ago a friend suggested I try beading. I decided to buy myself a “how to” book to get started, and when I saw what was possible using wire and beads I quickly became addicted,

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Cath Macauley
How do  you find your inspiration?

I have always done some sort of art and craft: particularly sewing, spinning and weaving. However, I took a ceramics elective at Seven Hills College and found that I loved ceramic sculpture. Then with my young children, I was unable to manage the clay drying process and so I started working on smaller pieces at the kitchen table. Those pieces then turned into jewellery pieces, for which I won an award at the Shorncliffe Potters “Expressions”

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Anna Just
Tell us about what you create?

I create hand built pieces in clay and also hand painted silk. My range is always evolving from silk scarves, ceramic bottles, jewellery, buttons and mini ceramic women!

What’s your inspiration?

My work is inspired by nature and natural forms. Colour, texture and flowing lines are important. My work is influenced by my childhood years which were full of art, craft and music!

Why in.cube8r?
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boulder opals jewellery

What got you involved in opals?

John grew up with opal; his father was involved in Lightning Ridge through the 60’s & 70’s. The family still has a mining claim and camp at Grawin, Lightning Ridge. We traveled around the various opal fields of Australia and dabbled in our holidays.

We were always saying “one day we will go opal mining”.

In the late 1990’s we had the opportunity to become involved full time,

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love is vintage jewellery
Tell us a little about yourself and how you began making jewellery:

Originally from Melbourne, I trained in the food industry, developing recipes, preparing food for magazine shoots and finally in my own gourmet food shop.

Once my children were born I became a stay at home mum, part time worker and developed a love for craft! I began doing cross stitch, which was great, as I could sit while my kids napped and do a few stitches,

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artist profile rock ribbons
What’s your history?

I’m a Kiwi but Australia has been my home for a while now. I left New Zealand 15 years ago after graduating as a Graphic Designer and made my way to London where I started my career as a Designer. After seven seemingly endless cold dark winters I was longing for some light, colour and sunshine and it was time to return to home to the Northern Hemisphere.

How did you get where you are now?
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kimono reincarnate japanese jewellery
Where does the name come from?

The name Kimono Reincarnate actually came a while before the business. I had started collecting vintage kimono and obi textiles
with the intent of making bags and jewellery from them, but was still too scared to cut into these gorgeous fabrics. I was thinking about how I wanted to give a new life to these fabrics, and the name Kimono Reincarnate was born. I registered the name first,

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harlewood jewellery silversmith valley
How did Harlewood studio begin?

Harlewood Studio evolved when Sue Harle and life partner Brian Wood had completed a full time jewellery and silversmithing course at the “Jam Factory Workshops” in Adelaide.

They decided to combine surnames and creative talents and move to Queensland where their studio was born with our motto “Designed to be Different”

Sue: what led you to glass bead weaving ?

My love of colour and background in silversmithing and jewellery as well as in fashion,

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whizzbangle bangles
Tell me what inspired you into making bangles?

I have never liked to wear a watch, but I really like to wear bangles on my left arm. I think I like the way they respond with your activity, dancing wildly with big hand gestures, resting while you work at the computer, the odd ‘clank’ to remind you they are there.

How easy or hard is the process?

The process of making things in resin isn’t hard,

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button broohes kellie chrissiebutton necklace kellie chrissiebutton multi-flat necklace chrissiebutton necklaces kellie chrissie

Tell us a history of how you came to work with buttons……

I had been making jewellery for a few years when I came across a small packet of brightly colour buttons that I had in my sewing box. Inspiration hit and I created my very first button necklace. I was working in a café at the time and received so many lovely comments whenever I wore that necklace,

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blog3 toys gift ideas toys gift ideas toys gift ideas

in.cube8r welcomes in some new goodies… and there’s lots for the little ones…
there’s lots for everyone!!

in the quest to find balance and represent all things handmade,
we have closed off to almost all jewellery over the last 6 months… come and see!!
… and remember us for christmas,

we have over 4,000 handmade items covering all the glory ‘handmade’
has to offer!!
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