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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

in.cube8r is a handmade mecca & emerging artist gallery located in the heart of Fitzroy Victoria. in.cube8r is home to almost 100 Australian creatives who sell a range of hand crafted goods & visual art.

in.cube8r artists rent small cubes, shelves, racks and walls to exhibit their work & keep 100% of every sale that is made… it’s a retail environment where creatives come first.

If you’re a crafter, visual artist or don’t really fit into a creative box… in.cube8r can find a place for you in our family.

Rent a cube, shelf or wall space
Exhibit with us in 2018
Open your own in.cube8r franchise

Our "Cubers"

Upcoming Shows

I see you / Portraiture Group Exhibition

I see you / Portraiture Group Exhibition

Mar 1, 6:00pm - Mar 1, 8:00pm+12Mar 2, 11:00am - Mar 2, 6:00pmMar 3, 11:00am - Mar 3, 6:00pmMar 4, 12:00pm - Mar 4, 4:00pmMar 5, 11:00am - Mar 5, 5:00pmMar 6, 11:00am - Mar 6, 5:00pmMar 7, 11:00am - Mar 7, 5:00pmMar 8, 11:00am - Mar 8, 6:00pmMar 9, 11:00am - Mar 9, 6:00pmMar 10, 11:00am - Mar 10, 6:00pmMar 11, 12:00pm - Mar 11, 4:00pmMar 12, 11:00am - Mar 12, 5:00pmMar 13, 11:00am - Mar 13, 5:00pm

Sustainability / Group Exhibition

Sustainability / Group Exhibition

Mar 15, 6:00pm - Mar 15, 8:00pm+13Mar 16, 11:00am - Mar 16, 6:00pmMar 17, 11:00am - Mar 17, 5:00pmMar 18, 11:00am - Mar 18, 5:00pmMar 19, 11:00am - Mar 19, 5:00pmMar 20, 11:00am - Mar 20, 5:00pmMar 21, 11:00am - Mar 21, 6:00pmMar 22, 11:00am - Mar 22, 6:00pmMar 23, 11:00am - Mar 23, 6:00pmMar 24, 12:00pm - Mar 24, 4:00pmMar 25, 12:00pm - Mar 25, 4:00pmMar 26, 11:00am - Mar 26, 5:00pmMar 27, 11:00am - Mar 27, 6:00pmMar 28, 11:00am - Mar 28, 5:00pm

Upcoming Workshops

What people say about us

5 Years & Counting!

in.cube8r is a homegrown concept that helps nurture and showcase awesome handmade art, and artists, in a unique and approachable way.  It is constantly changing as a  space, and a concept as a whole - but what remains the same is the fact that I love it! I l have been part of the in.cube8r stable for 5 years and look forward to contributing to its evolution in the future.

There is so much to love about in.cube8r!

From the incredible amount of local talent, products, and regular art exhibitions, to the strong community of likeminded people. I have been stocking my prints and artwork there for two months, and have also exhibited in a group exhibition. Elle-May and the team are so supportive and provide many opportunities along the way. I recommend the space for other creatives who want to get their work seen!

I challenge you to browse and not fall in love!

There is the most incredible blend of talent within these beautiful pink walls. A great stop for someone wanting something truly unique or a really awesome memento of a trip to Australia  

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