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Adding Products

Now it’s time to decide what you’re going to stock! Once you’ve decided, it’s time to list your products in our system, which will also publish them online! YAY!

NOTE: If you don’t wish to have your products online you don’t need to, however we do recommend doing so as many customer’s are shopping online and many others like to window shop before they come in!


  • Log into the Cuber Dashboard (available from the side bar)
  • Hover over PRODUCTS
  • Click on ADD NEW
  • Add a Title, description, set a price, add a picture, add gallery pictures (please no more than three where possible) and choose the categories suitable for your product. (See below for tips on each section)
  • Once you’ve made your updates, click the blue UPDATE button in the publish box (top right).

Once you add items, they will be sent to the admin team who will check and list them online! Then all that’s left to do is post us your items.



This shows up in the shop as well as our point of sale system. Be brief, but descriptive and include your brand name at the end*. Including things customers may search for would be advantageous.

Something like this

‘Blushing Bride’ Pearl Earrings on Sterling Silver Posts by My Brand Name

*Adding your brand name at the end makes it much easier for me to tag your products when we share to instagram! It also increases your brand awareness 🙂


In the long description, write a bit about the item, what it’s made of, why you made it, who it’s made by etc. etc. SEO likes you to have a few hundred words, but do what works for you and your products. You don’t HAVE to write that much!

I like to recommend the Who, What, Why, How method. 

  • Who made it
  • What is it made from (for example, if it’s made from sterling silver you could talk about the benefits of using silver, or if it includes a gemstone you could tell people about its “properties”. You could also talk about the methods used to make it if that is relevant to your product.
  • Where or how would you use it “wear it for a night on the town”
  • Why it is special and unique. Is it One of a Kind? Why should they buy it
  • How to use it should they buy it… it it suitable for a christmas gift? a birthday gift? Give them some ideas.

In the short description, you’re basically summarising what you wrote in the previous section. This bit will appear ABOVE the include a sentence or two explaining what the piece is and why it is special.

Write a short but detailed description. This will show next to the product and above the add-to-cart button. It’s your chance to grab their attention!

  • Include something nice about the item (call to action)
    This piece goes day to night and looks gorgeous with …
  • Include what it’s made from
    Handmade from sterling silver and featuring a resin pendant. 


When choosing your categories, choose the main and the subcategory.

For example for earrings, you would choose Earrings + Jewellery.

Please don’t put your item in more than TWO categories, just the main category (for example home) and then sub category. If you need a category added, let us know.

Product Photo

Upload a nice clear photo of your item that does not include any other products in it so it is clear what the customer is purchasing.

Please resize your images to be no larger than 1200 pixels wide and to be web friendly. Square images are preferred as they will show square on the shop page (and it makes reposting to instagram easier)

NOTE: Please add your product name FIRST as our system will rename your image with the product name!

Gallery Photos

Upload up to three other photos if you wish.

Product Data

  • Regular Price – is the RRP of your item
  • Sale Price – if your item is on sale you can put a sale price here. Otherwise leave it blank.
    See the “having a sale” section for more info on running a sale.
  • Specification – if your item has a size or other specifcation like materials check the specification tab. Click on “Add Specification” and if there is a suitable specification then select it and click ADD. You can then choose 1 or many specifications which are suitable, which will help customers who are looking for specific sizes or materials. After making your selection, press “Save specifications”. If we don’t have a specification available that you think would be helpful, just let us know!

Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t get overwhelmed by the SEO section!

Leave it when setting up your products, and if you’re interested to know more about this I have written a blog post for you to read, and run workshops on how to use the SEO tools 🙂 You can also ask us to do it for you.

It is worth doing however, as we do share your products to Pinterest where SEO is very important! And plus, if you’re going to the effort of listing your items for sale, why not spend an extra few minutes to increase your chances!

If you’re keen to give it a go though, what you need to do is decide what someone would type into google to find your product. For example, if you’ve made a necklace with a mermaid pendant on it, maybe you’ll enter “handmade mermaid necklace” into the SEO Keyword Box.

You then need to use the term “handmade mermaid necklace”  in your title, description, headings, url and snippet. That’s it… it’s easier than you think :). Just keep in mind, putting the keyphrase into the box doesn’t actually DO anything, it just helps you write your content in a more SEO friendly way.


Once you’ve made all your changes / listed all your items, send us a message via the SUPPORT button so we know you’re done!

We will then allocate SKU’s (barcode numbers) which you’ll be able to write the allocated SKU onto your price tag, or if you’re very clever you can print them using the barcode generator! You can also write them on your item by using the item ID, available from the products list when you hover over the title.

What if I have more than 1 of an item?

  • At the moment we haven’t given the ability for cubers to stock multiples of the same item however we can adjust this behind the scenes. If you have 5 identical versions of an item, let us know the SKU and Quantity and we will update it for you!

What if I don’t want to list my items individually?

  • Option 1: We can add 1 product and just adjust the stock quantity to show how many items you are stocking in store. However, if you choose this option, you won’t know what items have sold and you won’t have your items represented online.  You’ll simply see the price of the item when you check your sales report. If this is your preference, let me know.
  • Option 2: If you already have an online store, you may be able to export your products into a CSV File which we can then upload to our system. If you would like to do this for your initial stock listing, get in touch and we can discuss.
  • Option 3: We can do it for you! We charge $2 per item to add the information to the system from the backend. However, you would still need to provide a spreadsheet with the Title, Description and Price. We can also do photography for you if required (charges apply).
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