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In.cube8r Presents: Alkanofer Collective’s Artists – Part Two

in.cube8r presents: Alkanofer Collective’s Artists – part two

in.cube8r gallery presents Alkanofer’s Artists – session 2 (part two), featuring works from 6 artists from a variety of backgrounds and working in a variety of mediums.

About Alkanofer (@alkanofer)

We are a Melbourne based partnership startup supporting next generation artists. We provide online platform that will help them manage their portfolios, exhibit and sell their artworks online. Whilst Alkanofer is a tech-startup, it also organises offline exhibitions twice to three times a year together with amateur artists.

This exhibition is a group of exhibition for Melbourne’s talented artists; fine arts, photographs and crafts creators’ showcase. There is no such thing as a theme in this exhibition, the audiences are free to roam around in a variety of art worlds to experience different ambience and emotions embedded deeply in each artists’ minds.


Cynthia Wang – 1990

Cynthia Wang is a fashion designer, fashion illustrator and painter based in Melbourne. With three years’ experience of study in Whitehouse Institute of Design, she sophisticates her skills on making woman’s wear that features mysterious elegance. With the passion in art, she also explored her talent on various styles of paintings. Her current focus is on finding a path to discover new techniques and exquisite painting styles that consistently infuse her with greater inspirational artworks.



CW1 Whirlpool Galaxy (2018)                                                     $350
Acrylic on Canvas
61 x 91.4 cm

Upon exploring the beauty of the universe, Cynthia Wang was fascinated by how different depths and movements of colours and shapes interact with each other with the reference of the space, adding a twist of the artist’s own imagination.

CW2 Peace with Flow (2018)                                                      $299
Acrylic on Canvas
50 cm in diameter

Enlightened by the peaceful flow of the ocean, Cynthia explored an abstract creation with the technique acrylic pouring. The tone of colours and the movement of shapes are inspired from the ocean and reef.

CW3 Dark Ethereality (2018)                                                     $265
Acrylic on Canvas
39.5 cm in diameter

This work, Cynthia continues to explore how the interactions of colours produces sensation of depth and movement. Cynthia’s work in textile and clothing design contributed to her understanding of the possibilities of abstract colour.

CW4 Elf (2018)                                                                             $600
Acrylic on Canvas
61 x 91.4 cm in diameter

As cynthia has herself claimed to be an artist who is always in her lala land; Cynthia decided to draw an elf in her own imaginative world. This portrait painting has included acrylic swiping, some abstract elements with a cominbation of realisism which might be the trademark of cynthias future artwork.

Mira Kim – 1991

I have graduated from visual design degree and used to work as a graphic designer from South korea. My artworks are mostly inspired by my surroundings; I make to express scenes that I have felt meaningful or which I found a darkness held within.

Especially I have been influenced by every arts philosophy, art therapy since I was young. My artworks are based on ego and sexual things. Using the visual languages, I reconsider the social issues of differences, like cultural, racial and sexual.

Instagram: @mirakish


MK1 The Guilty One (2018)                                                       $180
Ink and Poster Color on Paper
29.7 x 29.7 cm

Who touch and color the hours
Window by window you try and look into this brave new you that you are
And now our bodies are the guilty ones

MK2 Touch Me (2018)                                                                $200
Ink and Poster Color on Paper
29.7 x 29.7 cm

Where I go, when I go there
No more shadows anymore
Only men wth golden fins
The rhythm in then, rocking with them, to shore

MK3 The Word of Your Body (2018)                                         $200
Ink and Poster Color on Canvas
42 x 29.7 cm

Oh, I’m gonna be wounded
Oh, I’m gonna be your wound
Oh, I’m gonna bruise you
Oh, you’re gonna be my bruise

MK4 Whispering (2018)                                                              $120
Ink and Poster Color on Paper
21 x 29.7 cm

History, Little miss didn’t do right
Went and ruined all the true plans
Such a shame, such a sin

MK5 The Mirror (2018)                                                               $120
Ink and Poster Color on Paper
29.7 x 29.7 cm

Flip on a switch and everything’s fine
No more lips, no more tongue, no more ears, no more eyes
The Naked blue angel, who peers through the blinds
Disappears in the gloom of the mirror-blue night

MK6            I Believe (2018)                                                $200
Ink and Poster Color on Paper
29.7 x 29.7 cm
    I believe
I believe
I believe
Oh, I believe
All will be forgiven
There is love in heaven

JiYang Park – 1995

As a kid I have always been interested in art. I grew up under parents who are keen in fashion. However, I never thought art and design could be my career until I realized that I love working on design and art more than anything. It took me a long way to study fashion eventually. Still, my wish could not be achieved because I had to face financial issues.

Since I was unable to finish the course, I decided to encourage myself to be an independent designer. Although I have only started making my very own accessories recently, I enjoy the condition of being solo designer as I am free to do what I want and do not need to go through complicated process or explanations.

To explain my works that are to be presented are refinements of my random thoughts and ideas. They do not depend on any art theme but solely my thoughts that have been coming up to my mind time by time.



Jaehoon Ahn – 1989

Hedi (Jaehoon Ahn, Korean) is an emerging Photographer based in Melbourne. Born in Jinhae, Korea in 1989, Ahn’s interest in photography began when he was 28 in Melbourne. He has started on his career after 3 years of experience as a fashion designer; in Greedilous, Maestro and Renoma(Korea).

He has started learning photography by working as a photographer assistant and contributed in the shoot as a fashion stylist; using his fashion-related skills that he has learnt in the past.  The advantage of working in two roles has enabled him to get more working opportunities and experiences. Also, it has let him to view things from a wider perspective on his personal work.

“Generally, most people attempt to be recognised as a person of their desired look; a mask that covers what they desire to hide underneath. The masks are sometimes overvalued and spontaneously provoke oneself to act indiscriminately. My project involves photographic images that explore this concept of the mask and asks the viewers to question themselves regarding the matter.“

Instagram: @photier_j_ha


JA1          Whitening (2018) – Photo                                                     $150
Acrylic Colour on Canvas, Vanished
30 x 40 cm

JA2          A Root (2018)                                                                         $150
Installation & Printed
40 x 30 cm

JA3          Sadness (2018)                                                                      $150
Printed on paper
40 x 30 cm

JA4 A person (2018)                                                                     $100
Acrylic colour on Canvas, Varnished
40 x 30 cm

JA5 Sadness of Gogh (2014)                                                       $1000
Acrylic color on Canvas, Varnished
40 x 30 cm

Seulji Lee – 1993

Seulji Lee is a student of Mass Media and Communication from La Trobe University who has a passion of film photography. She was born in Korea and moved to Australia in 2013. Seulji loves analogue photography more than digital photography because of the unique naturalness of film photography. She believes that photo is a perfect method of communication and can delivery messages in a short time. she likes to take photos of nature and people in relationship.

Instagram: @jjjinnie


SL1 A Couple on the Sea (2018)                                                  $150
29.7 x 42 cm (A3)
Sharing same space and time, loving couple are like an island that cannot be interrupted.  Taken in Rosebud Mornington Peninsula.

SL2 Victoria Market 1 (2018)                                                      $90
21 x 29.7 cm (A4)
Sunday morning at Victoria Market which has loved from local people and many travelers for 140 years. I felt peace and my old film camera captured the place exactly how I felt at the moment I took the picture. This photo is still reminding me of how I was feeling at the time.

SL3 Victoria Market 2 (2018)                                                      $90
21 x 29.7 cm (A4)
Sunday morning in Victoria Market, the Market in the summer, the season now we miss. Seeing summer photo in Winter is like seeing a different world and being able to remind myself what summer was like. The store sells colourful clothes and bags which I have never tried but regretting that I should have.

SL4 Summer in Sorrento (2018)                                                  $100
21 x 29.7 cm (A4)
Summer in Sorrento, I found beauty in the combination between beautiful white houses, trees, and the skies. It gives feeling of peace and comfort.

Hyun Wook (Eric) Kim – 1993

Hobbyist photographer raised in Melbourne, Eric enjoys spending his free time travelling with his film cameras to get away from his full-time work.

HK1 Man Busking in Placa de Catalunya Station (2017)         $135
Kodak Tri-X 400
30.5cm x with timber frame

HK2 Man in Deep Thought (2017)                                             $135
Kodak Tri-X 400
30.5cm x 40.6cm with timber frame

HK3 Looking Out the Window (2018)                                       $135
Kodak Tri-X 400
30.5cm x 40.6cm with timber frame

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