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Andante Exhibition Catalogue

Andante Exhibition Catalogue

Rahme Etai von Erkel-Bromley

Rahme is a Melbourne based illustrative artist whose work explores our relationship with nature, the subconscious and sensuality. Working predominantly in mixed media she creates surreal, dreamlike scenes with a strong emphasis on line and balance. She has exhibited in several exhibitions including her first solo exhibition at Little drop of Poison, ‘Art Party & Ctrl+P’ at Budd Street Gallery and ‘Illustre’.

Through the Leaves

Digital, Giclee print
42 x 59.4 cm

Monica Hunt

Monica is a student illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne.

That’s how it feels

Digital illustration, Ink jet print
20.3cm (w) x 25.4cm (h)

Tegan Iversen

Tegan Iversen is an twenty-five year old artist, illustrator & curator, who creates fun, colourful, cute & honest work. Her practice often utilises drawing, as well as painting & sometimes digital techniques & tends to focus on her everyday life. Tegan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Visual Art from the Victorian College of the Arts & she currently co-runs F*EMS.


Fineliner & pencil on paper
21 x 14 cm


Fineliner & pencil on paper
21 x 14 cm

A kind of magic

Fineliner & pencil on paper
21 x 14 cm

Hetty Munn

Hetty’s practice is a multilayered investigation into the subtle ways technology has influenced Art, and how we as both artist and audience interact with this curious amalgamation. Often using mixed media, Hetty’s process for creating art always starts with the personal, moves to observation, and ends with context, allowing her to create works that reflect her own social choreography with in the broader landscape of society.

The Colour Blue

Digital Print
Width 40cm/ Height 50cm

Roberta Beilharz

Roberta Beilharz is a young artist living in Melbourne and is currently study fine art RMIT. She work mostly in Sculpture and Video Art and her work explores the themes of the natural world, modern society, sex and beauty.


Plaster, rope and acrylic paint

Fabian Riny

The man and his friends

Watercolour paint, fine liner
29.7cm x 42.0cm

This piece was inspired by the memories that music can hold. When we listen to a song, we’re not just enjoying the rhythm or the beat. We remember the reason that song made us smile, cry or laugh. The man isn’t playing for any particular audience, he is playing for his close friends, the ones that got him by.

Out at sea

Watercolour paint
29.7 cm x 42 cm

Sometimes it’s best to stop and take the time to appreciate the things around us. You never know, you might just see two whales coming up from the water to say hello!

The show continues to  28 May 2019

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