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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Exhibit with us!

Our exhibition space provides a place for visual artists to exibit their work, be it through one of our almost solo shows (4-6 artists exhibiting a range of work) or themed group exhibitions (10+ artists working to a theme).

We provide a place for emerging (and established) artists to exhibit their work commission free while still reaping the benefits of being involved in a showcase including a show opening, online catalogue of works & a combination of digital and traditional marketing.

Our shows open every second Thursday from 6-8pm.


Group Shows

Small Works
Up to 21cm wide (A4)

  • 1 x work $55
  • 3 x work $150
  • 6 x work $250*

Cubes at the rear of the exhibition space share small works pricing.

Large Works
Up to 55cm (bigger works possible by arrangement)

  • 3 x large works $70 each*
  • 2 x large works $80 each*
  • 1 x large works $99

*Artists who book for multiple shows are eligible for the multiple piece discount (i.e, two works in show A + 1 work in show B = $70 each).

Almost Solo Shows

  • 1/2 wall (2m x 3m) + 2 x glass cubes $385
  • Full wall (5m x 3m) + 4 x glass cubes $660
  • Cubes can be used for small items like prints, sculptural items, jewellery etc.

Solo Shows

  • 2 x walls (5m x 3m) + 4 x glass cubes + all floor space (for plinths or other works) $880 (two week show) $1,150 (three week show).
  • Groups who wish to book the space for a show are welcome to the solo show cost + $10 per artist (due to additional admin working with multiple artists for pickups etc)

Want to exhibit?

Early 2019 shows now in planning!

We are currently accepting applications for our themed group shows for the first few months of 2019, as well as expressions of interest from artists who wish to participate in our Almost Solo shows or in their very own solo show.

Please note: If you are wanting to curate your own group show, please see solo show dates below and then contact us.

Shows in planning


  • Art Almanac Line Listing online & in print
  • Email to our 3,000 strong email list.
  • Shout-outs to each and every artist during show on Instagram (3,000+) and Facebook (7,000).
  • Facebook event boosted to our followers and their networks.
  • Online catalogue of works (with photographs) posted on our website and shared to social media (as well as print/text based version).
  • Printed flyers for each and every artist (as many as they desire).
  • Distribution of invitations to regular customers of the handmade emporium and given out at events.

As the gallery space is easily accessible from the main shop there is increased exposure from the general foot traffic through our handmade emporium. We advertise our gallery and handmade emporium every month in places like Peppermint Magazine, Junkies Magazine, in tourism publications and more, as well as doing daily social media marketing to the local area. 

From the incredible amount of local talent, products, and regular art exhibitions, to the strong community of likeminded people. I have been stocking my prints and artwork there for two months, and have also exhibited in a group exhibition. Elle-May and the team are so supportive and provide many opportunities along the way. I recommend the space for other creatives who want to get their work seen!

Incube8r is a great concept, creating a space for artists to showcase their work with all sales going directly to the artists! I've been to Incube8r exhibitions & been a part of an exhibition & can say both were super fun to be a part of & very inclusive.

CATShibition 3

After a record breaking turnout at the 2016 & 2017 CATShibitions, in.cube8r is bringing the much loved event back for round three! 

Featuring visual artworks from a range of local artists, as well as jewellery, toys and other catty items, this show is one that any self-declared cat-person cannot miss. PLUS, it’s just before christmas…. good timing? We thought so…

Opens Thursday, 13 December, 6pm.
Continues 25 December 2018
Applications close 1 December 2018.

Secret Garden

A tangle of green vines and leaves, crisp air, and soft soil underfoot. If you could create your own safe space or secret garden, what would it look like?
Consider the hues, the textures, the sounds, the scents.
Secret Garden exhibits an array of artists depicting the gardens or calm spaces they’ve created within their mind.

Opens Thursday, 31 January  2019, 6pm.
Continues 13 February 2019
Applications close 1 January 2019.

First Love

Hands bumping against each other; electricity. The rush of adrenaline the first time you picked up a paint brush. That first breath of fresh air, deep inside Australian bushland. What was your first love?
First Love is a chance for artists to exhibit works that represent their first true love, whether it be romantic or platonic, for a person or for a place.

Opens Thursday, 14 February  2019, 6pm.
Continues 27 February 2019
Applications close 14 January 2019.

Bright Star

What is your favourite poem? How does the rhythmic cadence of it being read out loud make you feel? When you close your eyes and think about this poem, what do you see?
Bright Star is an exhibition for poetry loving visual artists. Displaying an array of works that represent the individual artist’s favourite poem, this exhibition is one that highlights the important influence and inspiration the written word can have on a visual artist.
Opens Thursday, 21 March  2019, 6pm.
Continues 3 April 2019
Applications close 21 February 2019.



Opens Thursday, 4 April 2019, 6pm.
Continues 25 April 2019
Applications close 4 March 2019.



Opens Thursday, 16 May 2019, 6pm.
Continues 29 May 2019
Applications close 16 April 2019.



Opens Thursday, 20 June 2019, 6pm.
Continues 3 July 2019
Applications close 20 May 2019.

Almost Solo v.12 (or solo show)

Not quite a solo show and not quite a group show, Almost Solo is a little bit different. All the freedoms of a solo show without any of the outlay. Even better, you benefit from the community of other artists involved – their followings and support. Simply put: you create the art and we take care of the rest. It’s your show, their show, our show… almost.

Each show includes 4-6 artists (4 wall and two sculptural) and care is taken to choose artists who’s work compliments the other artists in the show. Wall artists are allocated a half wall measuring: 3.1m high x 2m wide. Sculptural artists are allocated plinths and cubes to suit their needs. It’s your show, we will make it work.

Opens Thursday, 4 July 2019, 6pm
Continues 24 July 2019
Applications close 28 June (or when full)

Be informed when new shows are announced!

Past Shows

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