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Wanna run a workshop? Cool!

Please fill in the form below with your workshop details.

Once we receive the info, we will assess whether we think we can market it after adding GST, Early bird allocation and a small markup for in.cube8r per ticket. We will then come back to you to confirm dates & get it listed!

We don’t charge a room rental, just a price per ticket. We do however charge a listing fee of $25, which we will allocate to Facebook advertising for your event.

We ask that you be willing to run the workshop for a minimum of two people as we are still establishing the space, and that you share all of our posts & the content we provide to you (or your own versions) to help promote the workshop.

For every workshop we will

  • List on Eventbrite
  • List on our website
  • List on Facebook
  • Send an email to our newsletter (if a 3 hour + workshop)
  • Include in our monthly newsletter digest email
  • Announce on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Include in our Instagram stories
  • Promote in store on flyers

If this all sounds good, please fill out the form and we will be in touch!

  • A catchy title for your workshop
  • 2 Hours, 3 Hours etc.
  • This is the amount you wish to take home per student at the end of the day. This does not include materials or the cost that in.cube8r puts on top which will be roughly 2.5x what you ask for in materials + tutor fee to cover GST, Merchant Fees, Earlybird discounts and room rental.
  • We will mention kit cost in promotion.
  • Please note, our workshop following is growing so some workshops may only have two or three people. We offer early bird discounts to the quantity that you indicate for minimum numbers to try and fill these spots and guarantee the class going forward.
  • Our classes are generally 2-8 people but we can fit more depending on the class.
  • Paragraph to describe the workshop in advertising materials
  • Give us a paragraph about you including your social media channels so we can promote you!
  • Do you need access to water? Power? Microwave? let us know so we can be prepared
  • Drop files here or
  • Drop files here or
    The more photos you give us the more we can post on social media about the workshop without driving people nuts ūüôā
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