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Suburban Oasis Exhibition Catalogue

in.cube8r gallery Fitzroy and Thou Art Mum present “Suburban Oasis” a group exhibition featuring works from 12 Melbourne artists. The ideal Suburban Oasis is transforming from the traditional Australian quarter acre block to a smaller space, enclosed by a concrete…

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in.cube8r presents: Bright Star

in.cube8r gallery presents: Bright Star. Bright Star is an exhibition displaying an array of works that represent the individual artist’s favourite poem, this exhibition is one that highlights the important influence and inspiration the written word can have on a…

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2019 Charity Art Show

in.cube8r gallery presents our 2019 Charity Fundraiser Running from 31-Jan - 13 February, this show features 24 local artists and 39 artworks all available for purchase via silent auction! Artists have designated charities of their choice, and some works are being…

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in.cube8r presents: Collage

in.cube8r gallery presents: COLLAGE In a world that increasingly feels like it is being stuck together with paste, we need some sweet relief! For this show, we’ve sourced artists who work in the medium of collage, and asked them to…

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in.cube8r presents: Postcards

The brief "depict a place you would rather be" has been interpreted both literally and abstractly in this show consisting of small and not so small works. Expect beautiful landscapes, crashing waves, feminism, cathedrals, space travel and more in this…

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in.cube8r presents: Fauna

in.cube8r gallery presents: Fauna Animals and humans have co-existed for millions of years. The companionship, perspective and love that they can provide to us adds priceless enjoyment to our lives, even when in the form of visual art. Caroline O'Brien…

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