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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

in.cube8r presents: CATShibition (the third annual)

After a record breaking turnout at the 2016 & 2017 CATShibitions, in.cube8r is bringing the much loved event back for round three!
Featuring visual artworks from a range of local artists, as well as jewellery, toys and other catty items, this show is one that any self-declared cat-person cannot miss.
PLUS, it’s just before christmas…. good timing? We thought so…
Featuring works from
Lilly the Cat Artist
Shannon Paydon
Curated by May Michaels
As we are a no commission space 100% of all art sales are paid directly to the artists.

Yeli Chuan 

Yeli is a Singapore-born artist based in Melbourne. She is intrigued by the dichotomies present around us, be it traditional and contemporary, light and dark, soft and hard, heavy and fun. Through juxtaposition, her works seek to find a harmonious balance. She mostly works with pen and watercolours/acrylics. Yeli draws inspiration from both her environment and imagination, and uses art to express herself, or just to make life a little better. Her recent muse is Gregory, her beautiful silver tabby who likes to attack her ankles.

Warmth of the Sun
Digital art print
29.7cm x 42cm
Framed $110
Unframed $28

Warmth of a Home
Digital art print
29.7cm x 42cm
Framed $110
Unframed $28

Renee Gauci   

I am a Melbourne-based artist who has been captivated by visual arts since studying painting in the late ‘90s. Since then I’ve shown my work in Melbourne and Tokyo (and via Instagram). My illustrations are inspired by my everyday thoughts and experiences which are translated to paper in a whimsical, reflective and playful style. My interests in philosophy and science are also often expressed in my work.

When your cat starts to smell like ‘old man’.
Water, pen on paper                

In making this piece, I was inspired by my fur baby (old man).

Heather Peters

Fuelled by coffee Heather loves getting creative with pencils, paint, photography, printmaking and digital art and all sorts of fun crafty projects. Heather is also a cat whisperer and loves to randomly adorn her art with cute little fluff balls.

Acrylic Paint
30 x 30cm

Acrylic Paint
30 x 30cm

Acrylic Paint
30 x 30cm

Lilly the Cat Artist     

I am a freelance artist specializing in portraits of both the human and animal kind. I especially like to draw and paint all cats big and small. My style is realistic, illustrative and decorative. I share my art and life with my two charming cats, a Sleek Siamese and a Tabby with attitude.

Blue Boy
Fine Art Digital
21.0 x 29.7cm
Fine Art Digital using my original painting and giving it some Photoshop magic.

Ocelot on Orange
Fine Art Digital
21.0 x 29.7cm
Fine Art Digital, using my original scanned Ocelot painting and giving it some Fractials magic.

Cat Transparent
Prisma coloured pencils and ink
21 x 29.7cm
Prisma coloured pencils and ink on paper.

Prisma Coloured Pencils on Paper
21 X 29.7 CM
Study of my Siamese Cat , experimenting with different style than my usual  style of photo realism

Shannon Paydon      

Shannon is born and bred on the Mornington Penninsula and loves exploring Melbourne. Her interests are wide and varied but she very much loves animals and movies.

HP Lovecats
Acrylic on canvas

Mixed Media

Lola Kalinski-Digaletos 

Lola Kalinski-Digaletos studied a Bachelor of Animation at RMIT university in Melbourne. Her pieces generally explore myths, ghost stories and fairy-tales. She loves to make things that she would have been fascinated by as a child.

Night Goddess Kitties
$4.50 each
3 for $12

These sweet, seemingly temperate kitties can change their mood in a flash, depending on where you pet them. During the day they are sweet, domestic, and perhaps a little bit unpredictable every now and then. At night their eyes are sharp, their claws come out and they become their other self, the hunter…The devout among them worship the Egyptian goddess Pakhet – ‘she who scratches.’

These works may be taken when purchased if required.


Ayla loves to make people happy and has discovered that she can do that through her art by creating adorable animal sculptures that make you want to smile when you see them!

As an animal lover and one who has lived with cats my entire life, I am excited not only to share art in the CATShibition, but also to connect to a community of people who love cats just as much as I do!

Cat Earrings
Polymer clay on hypoallergenic silver plated earwires
Height 2cm / Width 1.5cm / Length 1.5cm

Cat Necklaces
Polymer clay strung on leather cord
Pendant Height 3cm / Width 3.5cm / Depth 1cm on adjustable 51cm-56cm cord (20-22 inches)

Resin Cat Figures
Resin, glass stone and acrylic paint
Sitting Cats = Height 7cm / Width 4cm / Length 4cm — Lying Down Cats = Height 4.5cm / Width 4.5cm / Length 6cm

These works may be taken when purchased if required.

Kate Lund  

Kate Lund  

Every Shape & Size is Beautiful
Width 21.0cm / Height 29.7cm

Monica Tuohy

After 20+ years working in retail graphic design, Monica decided to pursue a wholly artistic career, one that has passion and integrity and is not purely about making money. It is also about exploration, experimentation and creative satisfaction. Monica has always enjoyed drawing and art making and was one of those kids who spent as much time on the cover of her assignments as on the content. During her BA degree she spent a lot of time illustrating and printmaking and enjoyed them both greatly but at that time chose to pursue graphic design. So in 2015, Monica seized the opportunity to finally combine all her favourite things; her love of animals, vintage illustration, printmaking and having a laugh, and thus Leo’s Print Pad was born.

Ever since I can remember I have always loved animals. And being born under the Leo star sign, I am destined to love cats in particular; big and small. Through my art I want to celebrate their beauty, strength and playfulness while also highlighting the importance of conserving them in our world.

Factory Cat
$80 (unframed $60)

A Cat in Paris
$100 (unframed $80)


Mandy loves the meditative process of creating unique pieces that warm the home. Her crafted cats are inspired by her own furry friends and all those she meets along the way using many different materials, including yarn, felt, wool fleece, papier maché, clay and the odd bit of abstract painting on the side.

Fancy Cats
The spectrum of bold to subtle colours of pure wool felt inspired my range of patchwork felt Fancy Cats. Teamed with both vintage and modern fabrics, they are lovingly hand-stitched and sometimes embellished with buttons, beads etc – whatever each one calls out for while putting the pieces together.


These works may be taken when purchased if required.

Cat Art Dolls
Lady Cat art dolls start with a body sculpted using a cloth plaster technique resulting in a firm yet lightweight base, of the ‘stump doll’ style made popular in Tudor England. Doll heads are sculpted in Fimo air dry clay and hand painted with their own features. Each doll then evolves individually, the finished item achieved by intuitively adding decoration as the work progresses, culminating in a unique feline.

The show continues to  24 December 2018

Online orders welcome. We pay our artists 100% of every sale!

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