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In.cube8r & Mossfolk Present: A Healing Space

in.cube8r & mossfolk present: a healing space

in.cube8r gallery and Moss Folk present: A Healing Space.

A Healing Space explores the spaces in our mind and our environment that offer us comfort and safety. This exhibition will play with the idea of having both internal and external spaces into which we can escape, heal and grow. Mental health and holistic healing will be common themes explored throughout the works in this exhibition.

We will be collecting donations for Orygen Youth Health on the night & throughout the show. Please bring a donation along with you to help fundraise for this worthy cause. Some artists will also be donating a portion of their artwork sales.

Featuring submissions from: Rhiannon Glasser, Christina Howie, Tiana Ikuvalu, Tamara Labrooy, Caitlin Brown, Shannon Mary, Hannah Powell & Sophia Kons.


Tiana works with the interweaving concepts of femininity and nature – looking into the healing and bridging properties between the two. She is particularly interested in themes of a multidimensional reality, where a crossover of worlds can be accessed. Tiana enjoys the full sensual abundance of fruits, leafy greenery and curves of all kinds.

As I am currently studying Arts Psychotherapy, I am constantly looking at the notions of healing within the self and reflecting on the influences of external aspects. My art demonstrates nature’s prominent healing qualities and is a place in which I can wholly express myself.

Repetitive Notions
Width 15cm x Height 22cm


REM sleep
Width 22cm x Height 30cm


Width 15cm x Height 22cm


Rhiannon Glasser      

Rhiannon Glasser was trained as a Fine Artist in London, England with a Foundation Diploma from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2017.

This work explores themes of man and nature, identity and place through a dreamlike landscape. This artwork considers the role escapism and fantasy can play as a coping mechanism from external stressors. Rhiannon’s practice is material based, using mainly found and re-cycled materials acknowledging the unique history of reclaimed objects as well as supporting a sustainable practice.

Mixed media
Aprox. 0.5 x 1m


Shannon Mary

Shannon works primarily with ink, pen, and gouache and focuses largely on the human form and its connection to the natural world.

I find comfort in familiar senses. When I would have a panic attack as a child, before I knew that’s what it was, I remember holding my wrists to my nose so that I could smell the soap I had used from my parents’ bathroom that morning, and a feeling of safety and calm would flood my body. As a teenager, my go-to coping technique was to hold onto the claddagh necklace my parents had given me when I was 12; again the feeling of safety would eventually override the anxiety. I don’t mean to say that either of these processes were a cure for anxiety or panic attacks, but they are what my mind came up with to cope with anxiety before I realised that’s what I was dealing with. They were strategies I came up with to reassure my anxious mind that I was safe, and I have a kind of fondness for them.

I had a panic attack in an art gallery
Gouach and ink on watercolour paper
21.0 x 29.7cm


Caitlin Hope Brown

Caitlin is best known for her brightly coloured watercolour portraits. Also working in gouache and graphite pencil, her style flows between realism and more painterly effects, with the occasional hint of surrealism. Many of Caitlin’s works explore the theme of chronic illness, which she has experienced for the past 15 years. Far from being discouraged by her health conditions, Caitlin feels that it gives her a unique perspective on life, which fuels her creativity.

Maintaining good mental health is important for everyone, but especially for those of us who deal with chronic illness. When my body is suffering, my mind tells me that I am OK. The theme of holistic healing as well as mental health in “A Healing Place” resonates strongly with my comprehensive approach to health care.

On My Mind
Watercolour on paper in a natural wood frame
27cm x 35cm

“On My Mind” is a visual representation of my thoughts. Over the years I have learnt to calm my mind; I have gone from being someone who stresses a lot to being calm and in control of my own emotions. My mind is my healing place.


Christina Howie

Christina is a young female artist from Bayside, Melbourne. She is currently studying Art Therapy and has a great interest in the creative arts, nature, psychology, philosophy, travel, health and well-being. Her work tends explore an expression of the raw human condition, drawing upon portraiture communicate the abstract possibilities of art with bold colour, pattern and a subject matter which invites the viewer in with curiosity. Her work aims to encourage the viewer to explore a deep questioning about ones own psychological state and realise the endless possibilities of human consciousness that art can suggest.

After suffering from depression in my earlier teenage years and learning to accept anxiety in my life, the shows theme ‘A Healing Space’ resonates with me strongly. Mental health problems are one of the most debilitating challenges we are faced with in todays society, therefore it is paramount that we raise awareness and reduce the stigma attached. As young people of this generation, we need to be changing the culture of this topic, making it ok to speak up about mental health and personal experiences. In addition, a healing space encourages positive mental health practices and highlight the importance of self-care, unconditional self-love and the opportunity for support. There is nothing more powerful then bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about connecting and bettering the lives of ourselves and one another.

Depth Perception
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Width: 30cm / Height: 40cm

“Depth Perception explores the possibilities of the human psyche. The art work conveys a merging of our physical being and inner power expressed by the abstract explosion of matter. It aims to break down boundaries imposed by identity, judgement and the concept of self in order to communicate that each individual is an extension of all existence which has endless capabilities.”


Sophia Kons

Sophia is a practicing young artist from Melbourne with a passion for detail and intricacy. She works with paper, cutting out fine pieces to create rich tapestries of symbols and patterns. Sophia finds the art of paper cutting deeply calming and allows her to enter a transient, meditative state. Most recently she has been making use of bark and applying her patterns on the surface to create a flowing narrative of interconnections. Moreover, she has been fortunate to have exhibited her works in the NGV Ian Potter Center, Berlin and Barcelona. Sophia hopes to move to Berlin in 2019 to study sculpture.

In tune with the ‘Healing Space’ theme of escaping, healing and growing in both internal and external spaces, Sophia has managed to create two pieces that are product of her releasing her inner perceptions and understandings of her reality through detailed pattern. In a way, she says that the state she enters when producing these works is quite meditative and relaxing, simultaneously enabling her to digest and process her life situations to find a solution or a means of accepting them. Sophia believes it to be very important to take time to really connect with your inner self for a sound mind and well being.

Chalk Paint on Bark
8cm / 70 cm


Paper Cut
30 cm / 40 cm


Tamara Labrooy

Tamara loves listening to a good tune and having a nice boogie!

I chose to create a work that encompasses my love for water. I have always felt comfort and safety when I’m in the ocean, or any body of water for that matter. I wanted to create a work that is malleable, yet solid, like waves in the ocean or the powerful flow of a waterfall. There is nothing more special to me than swimming alongside the waves, it’s pure magic. I wanted to show a little bit of that magic in this piece.

Acrylic, Resin, Glue & Steel
80 x 55 cm


Hannah Rae Powell

Hannah is an illustrator whose background is in graphic design, working full time in commercial design her illustrations are a rebellion to this, they explore femininity and personal thoughts through the use of abstract form and playful characters, favouring a minimal style.

The mind can work against you tirelessly if you let it. Through my art I have learnt to create a quiet and still space in time, it is here I explore my own mental health and that of those close and important to me. “The Only Quiet” represents this small, curated sanctuary that I constantly return to in order to heal and continue to emotionally and physically move forward.

The Only Quiet
Acrylic on Cotton Rag


Continues to 22 August 2018

Orygen Youth Health is the leading mental health organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. They focused on early intervention and detection on young people from ages 15 to 25 years old. Orygen is an Australian centre for the youth’s mental health and strives to deliver quality services and cutting-edge research and ensures improvement in the care and treatments given to those who are affected with mental illness.

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