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Welcome to the cuber dashboard.

This new dashboard is your go to place for all things relating to your cube!

To log into the cuber sales portal, simply click the menu item on the left hand side. You can also access the mighty network and all of the cuber training materials as well.

If you are on mobile and  this menu is not available you can acess the cuber sales portal here.

Old Portal

You can access the old portals until the end of September. After this they will be GONE! If you need historical information please grab it ASAP!


Cuber Workshops

Cuber Blog

Cuber Induction

Cuber Induction

Welcome to in.cube8r! We’re thrilled to have you joining our cube-family! This set of tutorials is a work in progress. Please let us know if you struggle with anything or…

New Membership Info

New Membership Info

Hey all I recorded a message for those of you who don't wanna read all the words 🙂 Today I will be sending out invoices for the month of September.…

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