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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Annie By Design

Leanne Hewens wants to give Mother Earth some love so she creates eco-friendly jewellery from recycled silver and copper in her studio on the Mornington Peninsula. The handmade pieces are then given their own personality through colour and texture.

Leanne is a little concerned about Mother Earth and the impact that mass production and mining are having on her so being the little eco-warrior she is, Leanne decided to create an eco-friendly jewellery business that uses only recycled metals. And so Annie By Design was born. As a predominantly self taught jeweller she sourced materials that had been saved from landfill, recycled and refined and then used these as the basis for her handmade designs. Each design is made from scratch in a small garage studio on the Mornington Peninsula. To give each piece their own personality, Leanne gives them texture via hammering or adds some colour. Some designs are enamelled but her signature is pieces that are coloured with wax based coloured pencil. Coloured pencil drawing allows Leanne to blend colors and create patterns that are unique and one of a kind. It doesn’t matter how many times you make a design, the colours never blend the same way. Any beads used in Annie By Design creations are reclaimed vintage and all scrap metal is sent back to the supplier for recycling.




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