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Balcony Resin Studio

Yuri creates handmade wood and resin jewellery in celebration of Australian flora. He loves to explore nature as well as preserve it with the use of re-claimed wood within many of his pieces.

Coming from a mechanical engineering background, Yuri has always had a passion for creating and inventing something different. His curiosity with resin first came about when his children used to enjoy painting plaster casts and he had the idea to create his own plaster cast moulds, custom made for his children. When he went to purchase the required supplies, he stumbled across a book called ‘Resin Jewelry’ (by Katie Murphy), and took a curiosity towards the possibilities of resin. Not only did his kids enjoy painting their plaster casts, but he enjoyed designing and working with his new passion – resin. He slowly began creating resin jewellery, however as the name ‘Balcony Studio’ suggests, he was heavily restricted due to space, making jewellery outside, on a cramped balcony.

He has been working with resin for the last 10 years but only recently started taking things a little more seriously. His children are much older now and Yuri has his garage which has allowed him to expand his work to incorporate Australian Burl Eucalyptus wood as well as other varieties of reclaimed wood. He is constantly thinking of new designs and unique elements of nature to embed into his creations. He loves adventure and many of his jewellery pieces are inspired by the Australian flora. Every piece is unique, hand-made from start to finish with strong attention to detail. He uses eco-friendly epoxy resin and recycled wood in the hope that his pieces not only celebrate nature but also send a message about our duty to ‘preserve’ it.

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