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Ben Mirco


Ben is a landscape painter who draws his inspiration from Australian landscapes especially Melbourne and surrounds.

Ben Mirco is a Melbourne based self-taught artist. He specialises in landscape paintings in acrylic and oil. Ben has always been a passionate admirer of art and since a young age has enjoyed drawing and other forms of creativity.  He has always had a particular fondness for the great European impressionists especially Monet, Cezanne, Sisley. In his early twenties Ben spent two years living in Paris.  He would visit the impressionist galleries over and over just marveling at the vibrant brush strokes. Always trying to understand how they managed to make what seemed up close to be a mess and from far away a masterpiece of light and colour. Ben started sitting in the parks sketching the monuments of Paris in his notebook with pastel crayons. This eventually motivated him to buy his first canvases and try out the same techniques with acrylic paints.

When he moved to Melbourne over seven years ago he remembers being so impressed by the amazing quality of Australian impressionism displayed in the Ian Potter Centre and the State Library. Ben loved how artists took inspiration from the French impressionists and applied the same philosophy to uniquely Australian landscapes. Following in their footsteps Ben has made it his mission to paint the beautiful countryside surrounding Melbourne. Now preferring to paint in oil which allows him to show the vividness of the colours around us. Ben loves colour and using artistic license to bring out the hues of the Australian bush.

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