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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Berjique Jewellery

Siobhan is a jewellery artist and designer who takes her inspiration from just about anywhere! She has used many different mediums and is currently working with polymer clay and its limitless potential of shape, colour and pattern.

After many years working in a corporate environment, it was time to walk away from the procedural confines, set the shackles free and let the left brain take over and realise its potential. Always a lover of pretty trinkets, adornments and sparkly things, with a soft spot for antique and boho styles, it was only natural that jewellery making became my thang!

Attention to detail is innate in me, and this is evident in my work. Every piece is lovingly handmade and meticulously finished as quality products and customer satisfaction are very important to me.

My jewellery inspiration comes from everywhere – from nature, patterns, eras, styles, fashion, food and art. Just about nothing is exempt from me working out whether I can translate and manipulate what I’m seeing into a wearable piece of polymer clay art. This is reflective in the diverse variety of jewellery that my customers get to enjoy and the little motto that I like to use – ‘There is something for everyone at Berjique’.

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