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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Bianca Wolff

Inspired by intensity of emotion and the cycles of nature, Bianca’s tarot deck captures diversity and magic in all it’s forms.


What we put out into the world, acts as a spell. Art is a form of magic that has the ability to transform us, touching us in ways few things can. Bianca’s spells are about changing the status quo and recognizing diversity as key to a holistically well society, in tune with nature’s cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Sensuality and sexuality feature strongly in their work and highlight the importance of joyful, sacred acts of pleasure. This shifts the shame narrative perpetuating the beauty myth, which causes so many people pain and feelings of disconnection from self and others.

Bianca discovered tarot as a toddler in Germany. They spent their life moving between continents and painting, but took 7 years off to create a photographic tarot deck of their own. It was mostly conceived in Australia, in particular the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, however it has since travelled the world and acts both as a collection of art (of which larger prints are also available) and a divination and magical tool.

Bianca is currently Melbourne based and runs workshops and holistic kink rituals for people who want to delve deeper into tarot, sexuality and magic – both in person and online. They have returned to painting and exhibit nationwide as well as travelling in person to facilitate rituals and workshops around the globe.

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