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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Bowtiful Bounty

Scientist/Engineering Student by day and crafter by night. Jas uses fun and geeky fabrics to create handmade Bowties, hairbows and Fabric Crafts under the name BowtifulBounty.

Crafting started for Jas when she thought “I wish I had ‘insert geeky accessory here’, I know, I’ll make one!”

In 2015 the idea to start making uber cute themed hairbows was formed, and ‘BowtifulBounty’ was born.
By popular demand of her friends, she began to making clip on bow ties and then bow ties with bands as well. Now products have evolved to include deluxe bowties, headbands and tote bags.

Jas loves being able to create items that people enjoy and love to see how people co-ordinate their bows into their outfits, from everyday to cosplay.

In future she hopes to keep designing to bring new awesome accessories into existence, grow her craft, and put smiles on peoples faces with unique handmade products.

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