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Good Vibes Art & Colourful Accessories By Melbourne Artist Claire Monique

By Claire Monique

Good Vibes Art & Colourful Accessories
Available: Fitzroy

Mornington Peninsula based artist Claire (By Claire Monique) is on a mission to fill the world with good vibes art in the form of paintings, colourful accessories, drawings, murals, wearable art and whatever else tickles her fancy!

She enjoys working across a wide range of mediums including Procreate, acrylic paint, watercolour, ink and a variety of textiles and shiny little doodads. Her inspirations include Keith Haring, RuPaul’s Drag Race and her home by the beach.

Claire studied both Art and Studio Art before pursuing her interests in fashion and Music Theatre, and returned to her artistic practice after surviving major surgery for a brain tumour in November 2019. Using art as her rehab she started by churning out over 400 pom-poms while stuck in bed and hasn’t looked back since!


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