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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Catherine Gibb Creations

Catherine Anne Gibb is a Melbourne based artist who has worked as visual artist for the last ten years after completing a bachelor of visual arts and on going post graduate studies in creative arts fields.

Inspired by the complex and striking forms found in nature Catherine Gibb strives to make art that is both beautiful and sustainable, with consideration to the environmental impact of the artworks themselves.

While Catherine Gibb avoids working in any one particular medium or subject, the very distinct goal of aiming to create environmentally neutral art practice. This means that materials are either reused, recycled or biodegradable including using plant based dyes and inks.

The theme throughout my career has always been the connection of human beings to their natural world, whether it be through their stories, their cultural iconography, their rituals or their traditions.

Catherine Gibb regular Exhibits through out Australia and oversea including America, Barcelona Spain and the United kingdom and Africa.


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