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Cathy Joyce

From her home in southern Tasmania, Cathy Joyce creates a unique range of jewellery using recycled shards of crockery. Upcycling in the true sense of the word.

Cathy’s love of colour, pattern and design led her to experiment with making jewellery out of beautiful pieces of broken china, giving them a second chance at being treasured!

Each piece is individually handcrafted by Cathy.  She uses a process of shaping the china, then wrapping it in copperfoil, as used in fine Tiffany-style glasswork. It is then soldered with lead free silver solder and the findings are attached.
Earring wires and adjustable ring bands are made of sterling silver.
The choice of china used encompasses many styles. From traditional patterns such as Willow Pattern , through to art deco and modern abstract designs.

Until recently Cathy sold her work under the business name Shmikko.  Developing a loyal following both at Salamanca Market in Hobart and at various shops and festivals around Australia-including Incube8r.
Returning to Incube8r as “Cathy Joyce” minus the “Shmikko”.  Cathy has added to her existing range by developing a raw, simplified version of her craft, pairing china with Tasmanian timber beads.

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