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Clifton Hill Pottery

Practical and stylish ceramic homewares
Available: Fitzroy & Prahran

Clifton Hill Pottery creates stoneware for kitchen and table from the shadow of the Clifton Hill shot-tower.

Gordon’s hand-thrown pottery is for use as well as beauty. He makes small and large stoneware pieces for cooking, serving, and decorating, as well as terracotta garden pots. He compounds (from the raw minerals) some of his own glazes. The “backyard” glaze series features locally sourced materials: Weber BBQ ash, charcoal-chicken-shop ash, bluestone powder. He does reduction-firing of specialty glazes, aiming for the elusive copper-red and the celadon.
My style is very much functional and simple and is based on the ability of gas-fired stoneware to surprise with each firing. The pottery is all wheel-thrown, and dipped or quickly brushed with my own glazes. I like to work with natural materials – local ash and rock where possible. Everything is high-fired, lead-free, watertight and fine in ovens, microwaves and dishwashers. 


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