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Demi, Oh!

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Demi Oh is an Animator and Illustrator from Melbourne. She loves the spooky and Paranormal. But only light hearted spooky. She’s easily spooked herself.

Demi studied Animation at RMIT.  She is currently a freelancer with experience working on some productions.  These include Universals ‘Shopkins WILD’ and Disney XDs ‘Space Chickens in Space’. She will use this and any opportunity to claim she is a Disney Animator!  Even if it becomes significantly less impressive as Disney will inevitably own all media in the very near future.

Demi draws inspiration from the paranormal, cryptozoology as well as light hearted childrens horror.  Such as ‘Goosebumps’, ‘Courage the cowardly Dog’ and ‘Are you afraid of the Dark?’.

She hopes you have an incredible day.

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