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duncan humme

Duncan humme, hons ceramic design Monash University, now works for himself in the glass trade.

Duncan studied ceramic design at Monash University quite a few years back now. The main focus was wheel throwing and working with glazes as well as sculpture, especially the human form. After university, Duncan started kiln forming [slumping] and working in the glass industry, combining the creative skills to create things like slump glass splashbacks and showers.

In the glass industry there’s a lot of waste, I wanted to come up with a way it could be utilized and recycled. I also had done some previous original figurative castings -talk about recycling- so experimenting with resin, glass and pearls which have given an exciting new life to recycled glass, and created new unique finishes of my lost art (previous moulds. lol). Because of this casting method no two will ever be identical. Using the resins and pigments brings back the excitement and euphoria as opening a kiln of ceramic glaze lustres.

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