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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Eddy Burger

Eddy loves the comic, the weird and fantastic. His primary focus is black & white drawings and colour photography, and he is very exited to see them come to life as T-shirt Designs.

Eddy Burger is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice ranges from visual art to creative writing, theatre and singing. As a visual artist he is accomplished in drawing, photography painting and sculpture. His recent focus has been on humorous surreal pen drawings and luridly colourful digital photography. He has recently exhibited in group shows and solo shows at In.cube8r gallery, Collingwood Gallery, BlackCat Gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery and Linden New Art.

To put his art on T-shirts is a great new means of getting his work out in the world. He is very happy with the results and he is excited to be stocking his work at In.cube8r. His black & white white designs are from pen and ink drawings that form a series entitled ‘The nail which looks like a space ship’ series. Each drawing is derived from shuffling the words in the series title around to arrive at new meanings.

The colour designs are from photographic images. Eddy is primarily concerned with pushing manipulation to its extremes to create images dazzling, beautiful and bizarre, often focused on making something fantastic from the everyday. Some are accompanied by prose or poetry inspired by the image.

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