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Emily’s Utopia

Emily is a Melbourne based handmade jewellery maker

Emily’s creations have developed through her design and art background. Over the years working with various mediums she expressed her creativity using different platforms and channels such as Interior Design, painting, drawing cartooning and making animation.

Emily works out of a home-studio in North Melbourne. She has turned her appreciation and love for everything handmade into creating unique pieces of wearable art.  They are a reflection of her minimal and peaceful inner world. Emily places much value on design, selection of materials and the quality of craftsmanship.

Shaped from Polymer Clay the jewellery pieces are individually hand formed, baked, sanded, polished and assembled.  This requires patience and precise attention to every detail to display finest craftsmanship.

Emily’s Utopia jewellery pieces have grown a loyal following among those who enjoy simplicity, minimalism and elegance.

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