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Emine handmade

Emine is an Intuitive Jeweller who blends the beauty of the earth’s minerals into contemporary jewellery.

I began my jewellery journey as a Crystal Healer in Complimentary Medicine. I would suggest to my clients to carry certain crystals with them but they would often forget so simple pieces of jewellery were born. I then wanted to learn to how solder but this snowballed into a passion for making jewellery, so I studied Silversmithing at NMIT in 2008.
After a 10 year hiatus, I’ve come back to my practice and to making. I create pieces that are unusual connected to my knowledge. People who fall in love with my work buy with purpose. I really love that every piece I make connects to a specific person.
For me jewellery is an extension of self. Some pieces are really simple, others more complex – but I want to be able to make pieces that people will wear with love, and of course look good.

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