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Enza Benincasa

enza benincasa

Enza creatively used acrylic paint on a roller brush to paint from her Fine Art Paper to the huge canvas drop sheet she was standing on to the jeans she was wearing. She painted onto recycled jeans and formed this clothing line.

Enza Benincasa is an accomplished award winning Melbourne artist. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Painting at RMIT in 2004. A Graduate Diploma in Education at Melbourne University in 2005.  She has an extensive exhibiting history locally and internationally.

Enza’s artwork is varied.  Large soft wire, wool, buttons and fairy light
assemblage sculptures that hang from walls or connecting them to humans as well as performing or displaying these sculptures in public spaces. Enza is also known for her giant paintings on paper depicting the urban landscape along with her sensory thoughts about these spaces. Enza uses many soft overlapping layers of abstract like forms and realistic forms to convey her ideas. She enjoys this variety and the spontaneity of her creative art process and where it may lead her.

Enza’s Latest fashion creations were developed from her experimenting painting with a roller paint brush on fine art paper and canvas. Then on huge drop paint canvas sheets and then onto her clothes and Jeans. She enjoyed the beautiful joyful 70’s Pop culture and Flower Power feel she was creating and the positive response from Social Media and at her Market Stall.

With a 21st Century attitude of using pre-loved, recycled stylish brands, Enza
immediately ran to her favourite OP Shop. She selected beautiful labelled Jeans and Jean Jackets, upcycling them with her beautiful individual hand painted flowers, stars and roller designs.

Enza also hand carves and paints onto pre loved wooden picture frames to frame
her original artworks creating an eclectic vibrant celebratory artwork.

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