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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Evon of Eden

There was once a time when a pencil wasn’t just for writing, but was also a cassette repairing tool, when mobile phones needed to be carried with both hands and when it was cool to wear neon to a wedding.

That time was the 80’s: The decade when boldness and enthusiasm was a way of life. Today, we’re drowning in post-ironic meta memes and EVON OF EDEN wants everyone to stop trippin’  and get righteous with her wearable art that pays homage to the fun, chill vibes of the 1980’s!

The brainchild of Melbournian Evon Stepien, EVON OF EDEN creates casual,  colourful pieces that look rad on the rack and ever radder on the wearer.

For her first collection, ‘SUMMER’, Evon was inspired by the elements of a typical Aussie heat wave;  northerly winds, unsightly tan lines, sunblock past it’s use-by date and ice-cream that melts quicker than one consumes it.
Combining a sense of humour with light-hearted line work is important to Evon’s ethos of creating clothing as a form of self-expression.

Her small production runs are made with both custom fabric and genuine vintage materials (some sourced directly from her Mothers and Grand Mothers fabric closet)!  This means that your purchase is totally different to anything else your mates are sporting.

Spread that tubular positivity and get around it my dudes!

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