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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Fiona Mary Prendergast

Fiona Mary Prendergast is a Textile Artist Working primarily with felt and coloured fleece. The piece of felt is her canvas and she embellishes it with a variety of ornamentation to create an abstract image. Fiona also likes the tactile and layered effect.

I allow the artwork to speak its own truth and be authentic in its design. Yes I make artistic choices along the way but it must be said that my work is organic and creates itself. I never know in the beginning what is going to happen and it is always a surprise and a gift. I now realise how much the colour of Australian landscape informs my work. The Australian palette of both turquoise blue summer sky and our rural Earth of both orange and red permeate into my work. It is only after engaging in/with my artistic self that I realise just how the landscape has left an impression on me. My intention is to create something beautiful and to counter pose the chaos of the world today. I am also fascinated by the relationship between the viewer and the image and how a relationship is born. Even for just a fleeting moment we are connected. I invite the viewer to engage with the viewed art piece and draw their own conclusions, unique to themselves.

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