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socially conscious artwork by gaby niemeyer

Gaby Niemeyer Art

Socially conscious artwork
Available: Fitzroy

Gabrielle Niemeyer – ‘Gaby Niemeyer Art’, is a painter, drawer and digital artist based in Melbourne. They have a passion for using watercolours, gouache, pen/markers and colour!

Gaby sells a collection of illustrations, both traditional and digital with a focus on environmental art, utilising recycled materials when they can.
Much of their work also has an emphasis on social issues surrounding female empowerment and equity, Intersex awareness and exploitation. Gaby uses the female and feline forms to transmit a message of how we perceive the world around us.
They like to explore powerful subjects and incorporate their strengths into fun, light hearted pieces.

Gaby’s tertiary studies include Fine Art, Japanese and Anthropology.

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