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Francine Nugent, from Get Fired Up Art, is an artist working in a variety of media, including clay and fiber. Inspired by the landscapes and colour palettes of her home in cool Chicago and new home in warm Australia. She gets fired up about art!

Francine is an artist who lives and works in Hawthorn. Her work is inspired by philosophy, nature and experiences. Using craft and surface pattern, Francine is focused on creating bold, colourful work in three dimensions.

The goal of her work is to utilise various colour harmonies and form to visually engage the audience. She likes to explore the limits of the media. For example, she likes to stretch clay slabs into a form that almost cannot hold it’s own form. Then finds ways to strengthen and create something new. This also provides Francine with a means to explore spontaneity and chance.

Her artwork is generally very clean and simple. She is interested in reducing her works of art to their essential form, while continuing to engage and bring joy. The work is meant to be touched, held and used to enjoy it fully.

Francine studied a variety of art disciplines in America and Australia. She co-owned a pottery called Jailhouse Potters in Woodstock Illinois. The 1850’s building was the old jail and is on the historic Woodstock Square. It was a beautiful shop displaying and selling her work and the work of local artists. She also ran a successful school, teaching wheel throwing and hand building with clay to children, adults and those with special needs. With clay,wheels, kilns and glaze materials onsite, she explored many aspects of ceramics and firings. She enjoyed great success and joy within the community.

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