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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Guilty Pleasures

Hiker is a contemporary artist whose serious art pursuits lies in encaustic art, but she also likes to dabble in what she calls her ” Guilty Pleasures” these are the ” things she does when she should be doing other things”

Hiker is an encaustic artist and uses fire and flame to create her pieces. Her inspiration is the scenery that inhabits this amazing country we live in! Many of her pieces are landscapes bordering on the abstract!

Hiker also likes to dabble in other genres hence a little side business called ” Guilty Pleasures ” !! These are the things she indulges in along with red wine and chocolate, and can be done at the kitchen table without the use of blow torches etc!! Hiker is currently creating journals with unique covers and held together with Coptic book binding, as well as, upcycling porcelain dolls who have been left sadly languishing in second hand shops, some of them get an element of steam punking. !!

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