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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Hardcopy Cartel

My name is Lindsey Mineff, and I make “Greeting Cards for Situations that Suck!”. I work solo, creating both the illustration and copy.

Things that are important to me, in no particular order: the happiness of my family, being a strong creative female in an industry that often feels like a sausage club, travel, giving back to the community (I’m a volunteer designer for an environmental non-profit), and using my cards to help normalize mental health.

Strangely, a lot of my creative process is sitting and thinking. For the cards, I read a lot of blogs and try and get into the heads of people going through different “sucky” times. I think about how I would feel, or if it’s something that’s happened to me too, how I felt. Then I think of imagery that shows those feelings, but how I can make it funny. Then it’s pen to paper… (though I do have a new Ipad Pro which is super fun to play with!) and then onto InDesign.

I have BA in psychology (minoring in photography) from DePaul University in Chicago. After graduating I went to grad school where I studied photography for 2 years at Columbia College also in Chicago.

I’ve had a number jobs: worked in child care, was a photographer, dabbled in web design, and a few other drips and drabs before I moved to Australia. I moved here 5 years ago, worked in a community centre for 3 years while studying graphic design, and started Hardcopy Cartel right after graduating from Shillington College in Melbourne.
With my cards and the way I operate Hardcopy Cartel in general, the most important thing for me is keeping things local and eco-friendly. I make all my designs myself, I have them printed locally, I buy the envelopes locally, and I hand stamp each one myself.

When I first started I was using plastic sleeves to post them out, but now I use cute brown bags that I also hand stamp. I know I could be printing them cheaper overseas, but supporting my local printer is more important to me than adding profit.

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