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I Feel Filigree

Irena Pavlovska is a French teacher and art lover. Her filigree story begins four years ago, in Macedonia, where she learns the craft, and continues in Australia, where she moved to five months ago.

Irena makes her creations of jewellery inspired mostly by nature, like flowers, animals.  Each of her designs is a piece of art, unique and delicate. The silver jewellery she makes is in the old technique of filigree that has a very long tradition in her culture and her country where she comes from, Macedonia. You can rarely find handmade silver filigree jewellery in Melbourne!

This technique consists of curling, twisting and plaiting fine pliable threads of silver, and uniting them at their points of contact with each other, and with the ground by the help of the blowpipe. She works with fine silver 999% and sterling silver 925% of purity. Some of her creations are made with beautiful semi precious gemstones and Swarovsky rhinestones that inspire and complement her unique designs.

She works with passion and dedication, and creates her designs in the comfort of her home in Melbourne.  All her jewellery is handmade.

Her jewellery has been individually designed and handcrafted in her fully equipped workshop. She prefers to fabricate everything by hand, guarantees her work after sale and loves seeing her clients enjoying their pieces years later.

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