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i frame u hang

I Frame U Hang

Unique mirror frames for artwork
Available: Fitzroy

Gasey Baffsky from I Frame U Hang is a very unique framer. She loves to be as creative as possible and custom make beautiful pieces for her customers.

As a unique specialist framer, I use a combination of mirror glass, gorgeous marble glass colours and lead overlay as borders around prints, mirrors, photographs and chalkboards and the results are simply stunning. There is no other framer in Melbourne able to offer this framing technique.

I love working with my hands and to be challenged to try to come up with more beautiful and unique designs and creations that my customers will love and that will give them endless joy and inspiration.

My customers always come first, and to have created a piece especially for them that they love gives me enormous satisfaction.

In addition to be able to purchase pieces directly from my website or from incube8r, I offer a custom service so every piece will blend in perfectly with your decor.

You can send me your footy team poster to be framed with mirror glass and marble glass in your team colours and it will look absolutely fabulous! (Most colours are available but check to see if your team colours are).
You can also send me your treasured wedding or family photos to be beautifully custom framed. And if you have 2, 3 or 4 photos, they can be framed in the one frame with each photo divided by mirror glass. They’ll look spectacular!

Contact incube8r or me directly for further details.

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