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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Ira Jewellery

Isabella Rose creates laser cut acrylic earrings that represent the female body. The earrings are colourful statement pieces that will make people do the good type of double take. Figuring out the represented figures becomes a fun game.

The brand Ira Jewellery was started by Isabella Rose, a university student studying Industrial Design. Being a young artist, her art history is not that developed but despite this she has created a wonderful brand that holds an important message.

Ira Jewellery has earrings that represent the female body. The inspiration was drawn from the Art Nouveau time period where women were both being sexualised but also given new rights in society so it was very contradictory. The earrings are about reclaiming the sexualisation of women by wearing them ourselves. Some of the earrings are a lot more explicit in nature compared to others but either way the message is conveyed.

As an Industrial Design student, Isabella learnt a lot about processes and one that stuck out was laser cutting. The process is an easy one that allows for a lot of creative control as the fine laser can cut almost anything imaginable.

This is Isabellas first attempt at making and selling so it is an exciting time to see where she will take the brand and business. She enjoys the process entirely from designing to selling and loves creating pieces of jewellery that people want.

Isabella has a wide range of designs and an even bigger range of colours, ready to be your next statement piece of jewellery.

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