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it Atelier

it Atelier specialises in unique, one of a kind, happy little accidents that happen when creating and designing. We specialise in handmade resin jewellery. Making one off pieces – no two items are the same.

Ingrid is the creator and the mad resin scientist behind it Atelier. She creates unique, quirky and sometimes geeky jewellery. The jewellery is made from resin and laser cut materials.

After being obsessed with resin art for years, it Atelier came into the world while Ingrid was at university the second time around. She was finally following her passion and studying architecture. Ingrid had a chance to use resin for a project and was obsessed again. She also had a chance to work with a laser cutter and that is why she also started a line of laser cut jewellery. She wanted to create and there we go, the birth of it Atelier.  This time around she’s mixing architecture and art and pouring those ideas into resin experiments.

After university it Atelier came to a stop while Ingrid travelled the world. She came home after two years of travelling. Originally from Gold Coast, Queensland, Ingrid lived in Canada and Scotland and after two years her body wasn’t used to the extreme heat anymore. So finally another dream of hers came true, she moved to Melbourne.  She joined the city known for its art, architecture and coffee culture. After two years depraved of making and creating art and jewellery she may have gone a little resin crazy and made a lot of experiments and new designs.

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