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Jade Lees-Pavey Artist


Jade Lees-Pavey is developing her sense of Feminism and her place in Smashing the Patriarchy through Printmaking and Ceramics. Making a strong statement is what she wants to perfect.

Every day I am inspired to create, from when I wake up to when I lay down again, I will always have a thought going around in my head relating to something I am working on or an idea that I have had and want to execute.

I don’t maintain an Arts Practice in one exclusive medium, I find that I will use a medium that suits the execution of the idea the best, and I pursue knowledge in materials that I feel will express my ideas fully. I like gaining skills in different areas of design and construction, so there can be the opportunity to build an image into a 3D realisation if creating a drawing, print or painting doesn’t suit.

I also create for me. Art is personal, and if it resonates with the viewer then that is an added bonus. I can’t create for a market trend, it isn’t sincere and the punter knows it! Not everyone will like what you do, but hey, we’re all individuals and that’s a fabulous thing!

Joining the Prahran store gave me the chance to show a different aspect of the Ceramic work I have been creating. I find joy in creating the Vase Ladies and the Milagros wall hangings.

Available at both Fitzroy and Prahran

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