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Jenny McNabb

Jenny McNabb is a Melbourne based potter working in porcelain and stoneware. She formulates her own glazes and reduction fires her work in a gas kiln to 1300C.

Ceramics is a vast, fascinating and compelling field of research and has been Jenny’s life work. Ceramics allows her to play with fire and mess around with clay.
She enjoys experimenting with high fired, reduction glazes. She has been very fortunate to have made pots in Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.
She is inspired by ancient ceramics and sherds.

“Ceramics have always been there…. for an infinite number of years,
sweet as bread and even older than bread. Ceramics are older than the bible… older than all the poems ever written, older than goats and cats, older than houses, older than metals.
Ceramics are as old as mammoth teeth, the ribs of bears and reindeer antlers”.
-Ettore Sottsass

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