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Unique clothing in flattering cuts and fabulously patterned fabrics
Available: Fitzroy

Jezenya is a Melbourne based, handmade fashion label for women who like to stand out. We use bright colours, bold prints and flattering design to manufacture our range. All pieces are ethically made, unique and sewn to last.

Donna has been dressmaking for over 45 years and started the Jezenya brand ten years ago..A love of fabrics and fashion has developed into an obsession which now has spread to her daughter, Jessica. They both design and make the lovely garments that make up their range. Garments are constructed mainly from natural fibres and some feature embellishments like hand printing and embroidery.

They’re both lovers of travel which has a definite influence on their designs, especially travel to Japan which is one of the most fascinating places in the world (and a great destination for fabric shopping!)

Add in a love of music, literature and cooking and a cat named Looshkin, who really is the overseer of all and a son named John who is a massive supporter of our efforts and supplies endless advice and often buys materials for the label on his travels.