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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Katie Tee

Katie is a milliner and textile jewellery designer with a focus on creating bold layers and textures using a range of different materials including beads threads, often upcycled. She loves to create statement pieces with attention to detail.


In 2014 Katie decided it was time to learn a skill. Already successful with drawing abstract illustrations she wanted to expand her creativity and with a love of wearing vintage hats, what better than to enrol in a millinery course at MFI in Melbourne. Without any sewing skills it was a challenge but perseverance payed off. Learning millinery would be the foundation required to then try my hand at textile jewellery.

Katie loves to source interesting and luxurious fabrics, often cruising the aisles of opp shops looking for vintage treasures to give new life.

Her favorite process of creating is gradually building layers and textures, sometimes spending hours deciding on a design before the stitching process begins.

Inspired by nature and large African and tribal style jewellery she feels it’s important to take the time to create something beautiful and detailed as there’s enough fast fashion and waste in the world, her pieces are to be treasured and worn with the intent to be seen.

Always experimenting with new techniques and styles, her work is ever evolving and is what drives her to push creative boundaries. Katie believes style is a reflection of who we are and the way we want to express ourselves when we walk out the door. Her style is colourful, detailed and bold and when worn, a feeling of confidence shines through. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Every single day!

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