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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

Lana K Design

Lana has a great passion for bead embroidery accessories. At the moment, she draws a lot of inspiration from insects – she loves observing bees, spiders, butterflies and bugs with her children. Those tiny creatures are the main subjects of her work.

Lana is a self-taught, experienced jewelry designer who got started with bead embroidery ever since she was a teenager. She was born in Siberia, Russia, and came to Australia four years ago from the coldest town on Earth – Yakutsk. Australian flora and fauna never fail to amuse and fascinate her; the great outdoors is where she draws her inspiration from. She loves discovering and experimenting with different designs, materials and approaches when making her pieces. Some of the materials she uses to create jewelry are natural gems, crystals, glass, Japanese and Czech beads, faux and genuine leather, pearls, finest quality resin and sequins.

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