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321 Smith Street Fitzroy VIC 3065

LN Creations

Lathika Nair an architect by profession is passionate about design and creativity. Believes nature is your best teacher of colour which reflects in her paintings.

Passionate about creating, she has been doing artwork since childhood. Experimenting with different mediums- reusing and recycling stuff she would create decorative pieces and display them at home. Her father was always supportive of her work and encouraged her.

At school, art and craft class was her favourite. With her teacher’s assistance she participated for external drawing examinations. While in school she saw one of her friend’s sister make a model of a building. She was very attracted towards it and realised her sister was studying Architecture. At that point she decided to pursue her future in Architecture, as she believed she could design and create which she found thrilling. Securing good grades accomplished her dream to take up Architecture and this opened up new avenues of expressions. Pencil, pen and colour rendering was part of her curriculum. She got the best student award for Fine Arts in second year Architecture. After graduation she started working as a Junior Architect and in 2006 she took formal training in “Oil Painting”, “Kerala Mural” & “Coffee Painting” and since then has done quite a number of paintings.

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