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Loketa Designs

Janelle is the creator of the swimwear label Loketa Designs. Designed with love in Melbourne and ethically made in Brazil. The Loketa swimsuit range combine elements of comfort and style with unique limited-edition prints.

Loketa Designs swimwear label launched online in November 2017. The idea came to Janelle through her love of being both near and in the water, as well as her obsession with swimwear. She was always looking for swimwear which was that little bit different, unique, yet also comfortable and practical for the active adventurer. Loketa Designs also came from a passion for creating a brand that represents authenticity, uniqueness and embracing/loving your body, being comfortable in what you do and not being afraid to be that little bit different from the crowd.

The print designs in the current collection were inspired by travel, nature, adventure and movement. They were all created from photographs from Janelle’s travels and combine elements that represent her. Loketa’s first collection features four designs, three bikini set and one, one-piece swimsuit

•‘Dance All Day’ bikini – represents the fun, confident, carefree dancer in her.
•‘Feeling the Surf’ bikini – represents the surfer girl that she wish she had the confidence to be and her love of spending time by the ocean admiring surfers and their skill.
•‘Palm Tree Breeze’ bikini – represents her love of the beach and tropic vibes.
•‘Pineapple Dreams’ one-piece swimsuit – represents a connection with nature and the earth.

When Janelle thinks of swimwear, she thinks of action and adventure more than lazy days on the beach. So, it was important for her to create swimsuits designed with comfortable and practicality for the adventurer. Whether swimming against crashing waves, surfing, running along the beach, doing laps in the pool, swinging and jumping into pools of water from great heights or even swimming underneath waterfalls. Whatever the activity, Loketa Designs wants you to be supported and comfortable in your swimsuit while giving you the confidence in those moments of adventuring, and saving you from those embarrassing moments where you loose your swimwear to the sea.

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