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Lucie is a French illustrator and architect who draws her inspiration from nature sceneries and details. She uses mostly blue ink because blue is definitely the warmest colour.

Lucie grew up in the Alps, spending most time climbing trees, hiking, drawing and building small tree houses. You can say she was predestined to what’s coming next. After studying art and architecture she worked as an architect in France for 5 years.

She started to travel around the world.  This lead her to care very deeply for the environment, the animals and the ocean.  Drawing is a way to show how beautiful, rich and generous but also how delicate and fragile nature can be.

Lucie is currently trying to mix 4 different passions: volunteering for the NGO Sea Shepherd, creating illustrations and small eco friendly architecture projects, working as a vegan cook and learning to be a yoga teacher.
This idea of creating something positive around her drawings started on board of a Sea Shepherd ship with the trust and support of the awesome people crewing with her and trying their best to build a better world.

Her style can be described as fine lines, dotwork, intricated and detailed. She uses fine blue gel pen or black ink on fine art paper.
The prints are made on a fine art paper Hahnemuhle Bamboo which uses less cotton and so is environnemental friendly. All the packaging are handmade with either compostable or recycled paper, no plastic used!

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